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And consider this."If you're interested in meeting someone who say, likes the same kinds of movies as you do, or follows the same faith as you do, you can probably find a website that specializes in helping you find just that," said Gilman.Also, Consumer Reports found OKCupid and Tinder are more popular among millennials. Generation X'ers and Baby Boomers are more likely to use a paid option like Match. Age makes a difference – a big one – when it comes to downloading apps. While millennials and Generation X prefer Facebook, the centennials see Mark Zuckerberg’s platform as something “from the past”, illustrating the generational changes, according to Martin Sorrell, CEO of the advertising group WPP. The youngest generation does not use social networks like the generations that came before them. Generation X looks for apps to watch movies and for travel. Centennials, or the so-called Generation Z, tend to download apps that are instantaneous, require less personal information and are visually appealing. “Unlike the millennials’ mentality of sharing everything on social networks, those under 18 (centennials) prefer to share only certain stories with certain people on specific platforms,” explains Forbes magazine in one of their articles on centennials."Online dating is different from shopping for other kinds of things like a sweater. With dating, the sweater has to like you back," said Margot Gilman, Money Editor for Consumer Reports.Yet 44% of respondents also say thanks to dating online, they have had or are in a serious long-term relationship or have even gotten married."I was about to give up online dating completely, when I got a message from Brian.

This com Score study reveals another important fact.

Mindsea, a mobile app development platform, says that the main factor millennials have in mind when installing an app are its unique characteristics and main purpose, as well as if their friends recommend it.

An app that doesn’t waste your battery, use a lot of data or drown the user with push notifications will be highly valued by millennials.

Generation Y not only uses more apps than any other generation; they also spend more than the average using top apps.

However, this concentration of activity in certain apps reduces progressively with age.

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I definitely have that site to thank for my relationship today, so it can work out," said Emsley.

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