Polycom 501 updating initial configuration

A target can be any logical interface to which a class-based policy is able to be associated.

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Some of the latest updated Cisco MIBs include CISCO-PRODUCTS-MIB, CISCO-ENTITY-VENDORTYPE-OID-MIB, CISCO-ENHANCED-IPSEC-FLOW-MIB, CISCO-GTP-MIB, CISCO-WBX-MEETING-MIB This MIB module provides data for authentication method priority based on Authentication, Authorization, Accounting AAA) protocols.

References: The TACACS Protocol Version 1.78, Internet Draft RFC 1411 Telnet Authentication: Kerberos Version 4.

- cac Layer Capability Axsm V2R00 is for ATM Switch Service Module AXSM). PVCs Permanent Virtual Channel) can carry bridged PDUs BPDUs) using the encapsulation method detailed in RFC1483.

- cac Layer Capability Axsme V2R0160 is for Enhanced AXSMAXSM-E). This is an alternative to using LAN Emulation to transfer BPDUs.

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It is used to generate notifications to indicate when clocking sources change roles or become unavailable.

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