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Pamela Wallin is a former television journalist and Canadian diplomat. As per her education records, she completed high school in Moose Jaw.

She was born on April 10, 1953 in Wadena, Saskatchewan, Canada. She graduated with a Psychology and Political Science degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus in 1973.

The former broadcast journalist was suspended from the Senate along with Sen. Patrick Brazeau, in November 2013 for disputed expenses.The RCMP began investigating Wallin nearly two years ago, alleging in court documents she had committed fraud and breach of trust by having the Senate reimburse her for travel associated with personal and private business associated with her roles on corporate boards and as chancellor of the University of Guelph.None of these allegations have been proven in court and Wallin has not been charged, but CTV News reported Monday night the RCMP had handed its file on Wallin over to the Crown for review.Through her lawyer, Wallin previously said some expenses related to her work on corporate boards were mistakenly charged to the Senate.Wallin’s suspension expired when Parliament was dissolved last year ahead of the fall election, allowing her to again collect a Senator’s salary of 5,400 a year and resume using office resources.

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